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Fundamental rights support to Greek and Italian authorities in migration hotspots

The Agency visited the Italian migration hotspot in Taranto to prepare a fundamental rights workshop on 11 May.

It met with the local authorities, the managing authority and all those operating in the hotspot. The aim of the workshop is to share expertise and best practices among staff working in the hotspots concerning fundamental rights issues connected to the reception and identification of newly arriving migrants and asylum seekers. It will particularly cover: initial reception upon arrival; identification and registration procedures; identification and referral of people with specific protection needs such as unaccompanied children; suspected victims of trafficking and vulnerable people; reception conditions; and child protection safeguards.

The workshop in Taranto is being organised in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Interior, the European Commission and in partnership with the UNHCR and International Organization for Migration.

In Greece, the Agency attended the EU Regional Task Force meeting on 6 April and provided expertise and input to the European Commission for the preparation of a comparative table of short and mid-term actions to improve the situation of unaccompanied children in all Greek hotspots. The table will serve as a monitoring tool and was shared with Greek authorities and EU agencies involved in the hotspots.