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Fundamental rights support to Italian authorities in migration hotspots

The Agency held a fundamental rights workshop for hotspots operators in Taranto on 11 May in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Interior, the European Commission migrants support team in Italy and in partnership with the UNHCR and International Organization for Migration.

The workshop sought to share expertise and best practices among staff working in the hotspots. They looked at fundamental rights issues connected to the identification, treatment and referral of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers, including unaccompanied children as well as age assessment of children. The workshop addressed very practical and real life scenarios in order to streamline the implementation of the standard operating procedures in a fundamental rights compliant manner.

A list of suggestions was compiled from the workshop for follow up discussions in Rome. The workshop brought together representatives from the Ministry of Interior, authorities in various Italian hotspots, European Commission migrants support team in Italy, EU Agencies such as Frontex, EASO and Europol, the UN, as well as NGOs, local health authorities, social assistants and cultural mediators.