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Helping integration – policy support for learners and educators

The European Commission held a seminar on 28 March in Brussels to explore ways of implementing the Paris Declaration 2015.

The meeting brought together representatives from Member States under the Working Group on promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination. The meeting highlighted the key role of education in the process of integrating migrants and called for further support of EU institutions in exchanging practices and facilitating peer-to-peer learning across EU Member States.

The outcomes of the Working group will feed into the upcoming proposal for a Council Recommendation on promoting social inclusion and common EU values through formal and non-formal learning that is expected towards the end of 2017. The Agency drew on findings on integration of migrants in education from its migration monthly overviews as well as its recent report ‘Together in the EU. Promoting the participation of migrants and their descendants’. It also moderated a session on supporting successful access and completion in school higher education, adult learning and vocational education and training.