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Portuguese seminar focuses on Roma communities

The Agency presented selected findings about Roma discrimination from its second EU minorities and discrimination survey in Lisbon on 6 April at an event organised by the Portuguese High Commission for Migration. i

It also spoke about its Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion (LERI) research, highlighting first reflections on local engagement in the 11 EU Member States addressed by the project. It highlighted four key messages: the importance of trust, meaningful participation of Roma, empowering people to claim their rights, and the need to acknowledge and learn from past failures in order to better design and improve future efforts. The upcoming publication of case studies and videos from 21 localities in the LERI project was also announced.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of State for Equality and Citizenship Catarina Marcelina, members of Portuguese Parliament, representatives from Roma communities, local authorities, the Council of Europe, OSCE/ODIHR, civil society organisations as well as social workers.