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Strengthening cooperation in Finland on FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey

The Agency met representatives from the Finnish Ministry of Justice and the Human Rights Centre in Helsinki on 6 November to discuss deeper cooperation in the context of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey.

Finland‘s National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human Rights 2017-2019 outlines data needs which FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey can address in terms of general population’s experiences and opinions. The Ministry of Justice has recently set up an advisory group to plan for a parallel survey data collection which would be based on the FRA survey and target selected minority groups, producing data on minorities that can then be compared with FRA’s results concerning the general population. Together, these surveys contribute towards fulfilling the data needs of the wider fundamental and human rights monitoring system and related indicators in Finland. The meeting discussed the practical steps to take for FRA and the Finnish authorities in order to align their survey data collection activities.