Countdown to the Fundamental Rights Forum 2018 begins

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2018 will officially open its doors in Vienna on 25 September.

Over three days, participants from diverse walks of life will gather for serious, engaging and much needed human rights conversations on the challenges facing Europe. Many hail from areas not normally found in traditional human rights events such as the world of arts, sports and business. This will bring a unique new dynamic to the event.

It represents a unique opportunity to build new networks and inspire creative ideas along the six Forum tracks: #RebuildingTrust,; #SharedNeighbourhoods; #RightsCulture; #MyRightsAreYourRights; #RightsTech; and #HumanRightsMatter.

The Forum programme has more. With registration now closed, you can follow the plenary sessions live or through social media #RightsForum2018.