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Freeing Muslims from hatred: a toolbox for Europe

A new online tool to help free Muslims from hatred has just been released by FRA. The anti-Muslim hatred database is an easy-to-use overview of information on hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims across the EU.

Given concern about incidents directed at Muslims, the database will assist Member States as they confront anti-Muslim hatred. It seeks to expand the knowledge base available to policy makers and practitioners so they can develop more effective responses.

It brings together information on significant international, European and national, regional and local level case law and rulings relating to hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims. It includes the courts' reasoning, findings and considerations, as well as key facts for each case.

It also contains relevant national, European and international human rights body decisions, reports, findings by human rights and equality bodies and organisations. In addition, users can access research, reports, studies, data and statistics on these issues.

By providing a unique street-level view of victim support services in all 28 EU Member States, it will also guide to where they can find appropriate information, support and protection.

The information collected spans 2012 to 2017.

The information is broken down by country and keyword for ease of use.

The tool builds on and complements related work carried out by others. These include UN bodies, the Council of Europe, and the online hate crime reporting system from the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).