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Increasing the capacity to protect children in migration hotspots

The Agency together with the European Asylum Support Office plans to train the newly-appointed child protection staff in all Greek migration hotspots.

The first workshop took place in Kos, on 20 December 2017, and was attended by staff of the Greek Reception and Identification service, (RIS), temporary guardians from Metadrasi and UNHCR. The roundtable focused on practical aspects of protecting unaccompanied children in the hotspots, going through all steps since arrival of the child in the hotspot to the child leaving the hotspot. It addressed issues such as separated children, sexual and gender-based violence, communication with children, information, reception needs, access to education and age assessment. The roundtable provided fundamental rights input to hotspot staff, promoted better cooperation among the actors responsible for child protection, and should improve practical day-to-day case management.