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Post-Brexit police and judicial cooperation under the spotlight

The Agency hosted a joint event on 19 June with the European Commission on post-Brexit police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

Michel Barnier, European Commission's Chief Negotiator for Article 50 Negotiations with the UK underlined the need to cooperate strongly with the UK but on a different basis, recognising the challenges that this will bring. He said as UK has decided to leave the EU, it will be a third country outside Schengen and outside the EU’s legal order. That said, looking to the future he sees four pillars for internal security partnership: effective exchange of information; operational cooperation between law enforcement authorities; judicial cooperation in criminal matters; and measures against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit Coordinator for the European Parliament in closing underscored Barnier by saying that solutions were possible but they cannot be simply based on continuing as before.

During the event, there was also a panel discussion on the issue of cooperation. It brought together high-level experts including FRA’s Director.