Renewing rights in times of transition: The role of academia

FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty outlined academics’ vital role in promoting and defending the human rights system during his opening panel speech at the Association of Human Rights Institutes’ (AHRI) annual conference on 7 September in Edinburgh.

He encouraged scholars to bring their analyses, ideas and arguments into the public arena to challenge the anti-rights discourse entering mainstream political discourse. Director O’Flaherty pledged the Agency’s full support and cooperation in that effort, inviting the academic community to make good use of the data sets, online tools and other resources made available by FRA.

This year’s AHRI conference theme is ‘Renewing Rights in Times of Transition: 70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’. The annual conferences bring together 62 member institutions from 33 different countries that carry out research and educational activities in the field of human rights. FRA was recently admitted as the first AHRI observer member.