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UN expert meeting looks at protecting the rights of migrants in the context of return

The Agency contributed to an expert meeting looking at the human rights consequences, obligations and possible remedies in the context of current return practices.

The one-day event was organised by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). It took place on 6 March in Geneva. The expert meeting was structured around under three topics: 1) lawfulness of returns; 2) voluntariness of returns; and 3) sustainability of returns. The event brought together a selection of migration and human rights experts, from international organisations (UNHCR, IOM, UNODC, UN special rapporteurs, ICRC), academia and NGOs. The expert meeting also sought to identify areas of focus for OHCHR’s future work on migration and human rights, with a view to feeding into the current negotiations on the Global Compact on Migration as well.