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FRA supports Roma data collection in Czechia

On 12 June, FRA participated in the first project board meeting for the Creating system for quantitative data collection to evaluate the situation of Roma in the Czech Society project.

Funded by the Norway Grants in Czechia the project should be implemented between 2020 and 2024. It aims at preparing a methodology tailored to the country for ethnic data collection tested in two waves of sample surveys. This will provide data on the situation of Roma in Czechia.

FRA is a programme partner for the Human Rights, Roma Inclusion and Empowerment and Domestic and Gender-based Violence programme. FRA provides a methodological support to the project promoter using experiences from its EU minorities and discrimination, and Roma and Travellers surveys. This should lead to Roma data that is comparable with those collected in other EU countries (either by FRA - Roma Survey 2020 or by national statistical offices – Slovakia or Bulgaria).

The data will help monitor the implementation of the EU framework for the Roma inclusion planned after 2020. The Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, the project promoter, organised the meeting.