Head of Social Rights Sector
Unit Equality, Roma and Social Rights Unit

Her areas of expertise with respect to the FRA’s work include: discrimination and social inequalities (multiple discrimination; ageing; ethnicity and national origin; gender and LGBT); migration and integration; research methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative; including work on children). She previously held academic research and teaching positions in Europe as well as New Zealand and the USA, and has been the project leader of several international research projects. In addition, she has provided consultancy services to multinational companies, including the provision of advice to local and central government agencies, and NGOs, with respect to her areas of expertise.

She is a psychologist by education and training, and has published a number of book chapters and articles in academic journals; for example: Podsiadlowski, A., & Ward, C. (2010) ‘Global mobility and bias at the workplace’ in S. Carr (ed.), The psychology of global mobility, and Collie, P., Kindon, S., Liu, J. & Podsiadlowski, A. (2010) ‘Mindful identity negotiations: The acculturation of young Assyrian women in New Zealand’, International Journal of Intercultural Relations Vol.34.