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Joined-up governance: Additional information

FRA work with local and regional authorities

The FRA works closely with the European Union Committee of the Regions (CoR) and with local and regional authorities in promoting fundamental rights.

The FRA and the Committee of the Regions have set up an Annual Dialogue to discuss fundamental rights themes of relevance regionally and locally.  The Annual Dialogue allows FRA and the CoR: to share knowledge on existing local and regional fundamental rights good practice; to discuss opportunities for action at EU and at Member State levels; as well as discuss the need for joined-up- cooperation between the various levels.

Read more about FRA’s work at local and regional level in the CoR page in the Cooperation section.

What does “joined-up governance” mean?

Joined-up governance describes a strategy that seeks to coordinate the development and implementation of policies and actions across the various levels of government – local, regional and national. The aim is to address fundamental rights issues in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

The strategy brings together government departments and agencies, local specialised bodies and a range of private and voluntary organisations, working across organisational boundaries towards a common goal.

The ultimate objective of joined-up fundamental rights governance is to promote the comprehensive delivery to everybody in society of government services that comply with fundamental rights standards.