Strong need to counter widespread sexual abuse of children

Around 1 in 8 women have experienced sexual violence before they were 15, according to FRA research. Such widespread abuse points to the urgent need to renew efforts to tackle this pervasive problem, as the first-ever European day against child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation on 18 November helps remind us.

Making access to justice a reality for all

Despite access to justice being a core fundamental right, barriers prevent many from exercising this legal right. European Day of Justice on 25 October serves to remind us of the need to improve access to justice and raise awareness of the key role this right plays in itself and in enabling other rights to be claimed.

FRA launches animation films on children and justice

In the context of its work on children and justice, has FRA published a series of animation films about the rights that children should enjoy when they are involved in judicial proceedings.

FRA-Unicef workshop on prioritising access to justice for all children

On 3 June, FRA and Unicef, in partnership with the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights, hosted an event in Brussels on 'Prioritising access to justice for all children'.

FRA discusses child-friendly justice results with Polish Ombudsman for Children

On 21 May, FRA discussed the results from FRA’s recent Child-friendly justice – perspectives and experiences of professionals report in the office of Poland’s Ombudsman for Children.

FRA joins discussions on the Council of Europe’s draft child rights strategy

FRA was invited to discuss the draft Council of Europe strategy on child rights.