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Being black in the EU often means racism, poor housing and poor jobs

Black people in the EU face unacceptable difficulties in simply finding somewhere to live or getting a decent job because of their skin colour, according to findings from a major repeat survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Racist harassment also remains all too common.

FRA presents its survey methodology for hard-to-reach groups

The Agency took part in the European Sociological Association’s methodological conference from 3 to 6 October in Krakow.

Better education key to breaking Roma poverty cycle

Young Roma remain trapped in a vicious poverty cycle linked to poor education and job prospects, finds a new report from the EU Agency of Fundamental Rights (FRA).

The fight against discrimination and hate towards minorities still fails to deliver nearly 10 years on

Persisting widespread discrimination, intolerance and hatred across the EU threatens to marginalise and alienate many minority group members who otherwise feel largely attached to the country they live in and trust its institutions. These findings emerge from a major repeat survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).

International Metropolis Conference 2017

Findings from the Agency’s Muslims selected findings report from its EU wide minorities and discrimination survey (EU-MIDIS II) were presented at the International Metropolis Conference 2017 in the Hague on 21 September.

Portuguese seminar focuses on Roma communities

The Agency presented selected findings about Roma discrimination from its second EU minorities and discrimination survey in Lisbon on 6 April at an event organised by the Portuguese High Commission for Migration. i