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The current project builds on the existing FRA database to provide updated and new information on standards of conditions of detention in EU Member States, which can assist judges dealing with European Arrest Warrant (EAW) requests in their assessment of whether detention conditions comply with the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment. FRA will collect data through desk research and will closely cooperate with relevant monitoring bodies.


At the request of the European Commission and with the support of Member States, FRA will update and extend its current database with the aim of providing accessible data and information on detention conditions that can support decision making with respect to prisoner transfers. The project builds on FRA’s Criminal Detention Database 2015-2019, the Agency’s report on conditions of criminal detention and current research in all EU Member States.


The research covers 27 EU Member States. Data will be collected by FRA experts and the Agency’s multidisciplinary research network, FRANET, by means of desk research. Data collection on conditions of criminal detention comprises of: cell space, cell equipment, video-surveillance of cells, sanitary conditions, time out of cell, solitary confinement, access to healthcare, protection of young offenders, protection from violence, women in detention and nutrition. Together, this information should contribute to an adequate understanding of detention conditions across all 27 EU Member States - on the basis of substantiated evidence. In addition to national standards, FRA will also research current international case-law and monitoring reports.