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Cooperation between the police forces, the judiciary and LGBTI NGOs aims to raise awareness among the police forces and the judiciary of the specific hate crimes that members of the LGBTI community may fall victim to. Sharing the same type of training or combining training between these different bodies has helped ensure they are in a better position to address hate crime. It enables them to correctly identify hate crime cases, which can contribute to improve the reporting and recording of such crime by the police and the public prosecution services.

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Implementing the practice: step by step

  • The practice was decided from the bottom-up, involving contact between ILGA Portugal and the police forces.
  • It was then incorporated into the Fifth National Plan for Equality.
  • Training is also provided to other institutions at the national and local levels by ILGA Portugal, and by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.
  • The trainers are judges, prosecutors, previously trained police officers, and staff from ILGA Portugal and from the Commission of Citizenship and Gender Equality.
  • The training for trainers is given to groups of 20 people for one week. They then replicate the training in each police unit or security force at the national or local level.

Evaluation of the practice

  • Since 2011 the number of recorded hate crimes has steadily risen. In 2011 there was no data, in 2012 6 cases and by 2014, it had grown to 19 cases.

Critical success factors

  • Although 20 trainees per session allows for personalised training, it is slow progress to reach the whole police force and the programme still needs some time to spread throughout Portugal.

Elements transferable to other EU Member States

  • The practice is fully extendable to other Member States but a relevant NGO should be selected as a partner.

Key Facts

Start date: 12 December 2013.
End date: ongoing (until December 2017).
Scope of the practice: National.
Target group: Police forces, judges and prosecutors.
Beneficiaries: LGBTI community.
Key objectives: To make police forces, judges and prosecutors aware of the specific hate crimes that the LGBTI community may be victims of.

Legal basis of the practice

  • The practice is based on the Fifth National Plan for Equality – Council of Ministers Resolution 103/2013

Designing bodies and partners consulted

  • Police Forces (PJ, PSP, GNR) and Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG).
  • ILGA Portugal (LGBTI NGO)

Implementing Bodies

  • Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG).

Further information

None provided.