The survey set out to explore the relationship between young people’s experiences of discrimination and social marginalisation, and their attitudes towards and actual use of violence. Of particular interest in this project were young Muslims’ experiences of alienation and social marginalisation, given that little comparative research existed on the topic.

One thousand 12-18-year-old students in each of the three survey countries – France, Spain and the United Kingdom – were asked to participate in the survey. The data collection took place in selected schools, under the coordination of researchers from Université de Bordeaux, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), and the University of Edinburgh. The composition of the samples was balanced to have an equal representation of males and females, and Muslim and non-Muslim youths.

A sample of schools and classes was selected from areas with a mix of both Muslim and non-Muslim youth in the following cities:

  • France – Bordeaux, Paris
  • Spain – Madrid, Granada
  • United Kingdom – London, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Students in selected classes were informed about the nature, aims and background of the study, as well as the confidential nature of their responses. The respondents then went on to complete their individual paper questionnaires, with a member of the research team overseeing the process and ready to answer any questions.

In the analysis, experiences of discrimination and social marginalisation, and attitudes towards violence and use of violence were examined against respondents’ socio-economic, cultural and religious profile. The results have been published in the report Experience of discrimination, social marginalisation and violence: a comparative study of Muslim and non-Muslim youth in three EU Member States.

Survey Dates: 
01/08/2008 to 31/05/2009