FRA to present antisemitism survey results to European Parliament
FRA will present the findings of its recent survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU Member States at a European Parliament event on 26 November.
FRA meets with stakeholders to discuss follow-up of antisemitism survey

The FRA met with key stakeholders on 11 November, ahead of its Fundamental Rights Conference on 12-13 November, to discuss the findings of its survey on perceptions and experiences of hate crimes against Jews, which was published last week.

Giving victims a face and a voice - Fundamental Rights Conference 2013 to focus on combating hate crime

Crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice are a daily reality for too many people in the EU. This video highlights some of the issues that will be discussed during this year’s Fundamental Rights Conference.

Fundamental Rights Conference 2013
The focus of this year’s Fundamental Rights Conference is combating hate crime in the European Union.
FRA Director holds speech on combating hate crime in Europe and beyond

“Hate crimes speak to people who sympathise with the offender and whose biased attitudes the offender confirms and reinforces. They say ‘don’t think you’re wanted here, because you’re not. And don’t think you’re safe, because we’ve already shown you’re not – and it could happen again. Be scared’.”