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FRA carries out research on the rights of the child regarding to justice, violence, discrimination, migration, participation and many other child rights fields. Here are some of the agency’s publications:

  • Children with disabilities: targeted violence and hostility 
    This study looks at the rights of children with disabilities in Europe to identify different forms of violence that young people experience.
  • Children and justice
    This project, based on research with children and professionals, examines how children are treated within the justice system.  

  • Mapping child protection systems
    This project will look at the different systems used in each EU Member State to protect children. This includes the laws, policies and the various national organisations responsible for protecting children, and how they work together.  

  • Guardianship for child victims of trafficking
    This project, is developing guidance, together with the European Commission, on the role of guardians to enhance the protection of child victims of trafficking.  

  • Handbook on European data protection case law
    Personal data should be protected as they can be easily misused. This publication explains how protection is ensured by under European law.  



The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most important international law on the rights of the child. To help you understand its 54 articles and main topics have a look at:

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is doing lots of work to help people to become aware of the rights of the child in different fields: justice, violence, disability, etc. A list of child-friendly material is available here:


Children’s rights are very important to the European Union. The EU works to improve the lives of many children and to protect vulnerable kids. You can learn more about your own rights through games, videos and cartoons from:

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