Visegrád group conference focuses on Europe’s values

Organised By
Hungary’s Presidency of the ‘Visegrád Group’
External event
The FRA Director will participate in a panel discussion including Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, to explore the legal, moral, political and cultural aspects of Europe’s shared values.

The discussion forms part of a high-level conference on 28 May entitled ‘European values – constantly referred to, rarely discussed’ organised as part of Hungary’s Presidency of the ‘Visegrád Group’. The Director will focus on the normative basis for the common values to which the EU and its Member States subscribe.

He will refer to the strong legal framework for upholding these common values across the EU, which include international human rights instruments to which Member States are party, the EU Treaties, Member States’ own national constitutions and the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.