7 May 2010, FRA, Vienna


Strengthening the fundamental rights architecture in the EU


A symposium on the institutional mechanisms to protect, promote and monitor fundamental rights

in the EU


The fundamental rights architecture in the European Union has developed over time and continues to evolve. Regular health checks on the situation are always needed, especially when great change is taking place.


On 7 May 2010, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) released four reports:


a survey on rights awareness which partly relates to equality bodies(based on EU-MIDIS data) (PDF);

a report on data protection authorities (PDF);

a report on national human rights institutions (PDF);

a report on the impact of the Racial Equality Directive (An updated version will be available soon).

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These reports are looking into four sets of highly related issues that all contribute to the overarching architecture of fundamental rights protection in the EU: equality bodies, data protection authorities and national human rights institutions.


For the FRA, these three sets of national-level monitoring bodies are key players in this context. The FRA is specifically mandated to cooperate with, for example, governmental organisations and public bodies which are competent in the field of fundamental rights in the Member States, including national human rights institutions. with the aim of improved joined-up cooperation between actors at both national and EU levels. It is the need for an ever more efficient protection and promotion of fundamental rights at the national level in particular, coupled with European and international mechanisms, which form the basis for considering the fundamental rights architecture in the European Union.


The Agency is inviting representatives from EU institutions, equality bodies, data protection authorities, national human rights institutions and national government officials to discuss the findings of these reports.



7 May Symposium - Agenda (PDF)



EU-MIDIS: European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey