FRA report launched on Roma migration and freedom of movement(09 November 2009)

Joint International Conference in Vienna on 09-10 November

9 November 2009, FRA releases a new report on "The situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member States". This report provides evidence that Roma are strongly discriminated against and experience social exclusion when exercising their EU citizens' right of freedom of movement. The FRA report highlights shortcomings but also points out good practices across the EU. It gives concrete recommendations on how the situation could be improved.
The Agency will present its Report and some positive initiatives at a Joint International Conference of the FRA, Council of Europe and the OSCE on Roma migration and freedom of movement, which takes place in Vienna on 09-10 November.

The Joint Conference will bring together relevant stakeholders and partners - international organisations, Member States, civil society organisations, Equality Bodies, National Human Rights Institutions and Local authorities. Discussion at the conference will focus on identifying gaps, challenges and debate possible strategies in overcoming the shortcomings and will also seek to identify good practice and recommend policy measures at national and local levels. Read the Joint Media release.

Last year, following on the violent attacks on Roma living in Italy, the Fundamental Rights Agency, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, the Council of Europe's Roma and Travellers Division and the OSCE's High Commissioner on National Minorities, and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights decided to join forces in a Joint action on Roma migration and freedom of movement.

Read more about the:

  • Agenda - Roma migration and freedom of movement   English  application/pdf (PDF File 256 KB)
  • Summary report - The situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member States  English  application/pdf (PDF File 129 KB)
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