FRA at Extraordinary European Platform on Roma Inclusion: The need to be accountable(23 March 2012)

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Effective national monitoring structures and quantifiable targets were identified as vital to help promote Roma inclusion in Europe, at the Extraordinary European Platform for Roma Inclusion, in Brussels on 22 March 2012.

"How do we make sure that progress is tangible for the Roma?" asked FRA Director Morten Kjaerum at the event. "The answer to this question puts the focus on the needs to measure the effectiveness of the strategies put in place and the need to be accountable to those who these strategies are supposed to benefit: the Roma. Monitoring and evaluation are needed to steer the further development of the strategies, to support the development of good practice within and between Member States, and to act as early warning mechanisms for policy failures."

Other topics discussed during this European Commission-organised event were the active involvement of Roma as well as all other relevant stakeholders, in particular local authorities, and the efficient use of EU structural funds in implementing Roma strategies. The FRA aims to complement and support Member States in doing this, by producing robust and comparable data to inform evidence-based policy making for Roma integration. 

The European Platform for Roma inclusion was created to support policy developments for Roma integration. It also aims to stimulate knowledge sharing and coordination among EU Member States, international organisations and Roma civil society. Many Roma people in the European Union face discrimination, social exclusion and live in very poor socio-economic conditions.

  • Speech by FRA Director Morten Kjaerum  English  application/pdf (PDF File 94 KB)
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