FRA Symposium on data protection

Key speakers

  • Morten Kjaerum

    Morten Kjaerum

    Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights since June 2008. Before joining the FRA, Mr Kjærum served as the founding Director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

  • Marie-Hélène Boulanger

    Marie-Hélène Boulanger

    Head of the data protection unit at the European Commission (EC) since 2009, Ms Boulanger previously worked for the Belgian Data Protection Authority and the Internal Market Directorate-General.

  • Dimitrios Droutsas

    Dimitrios Droutsas

    European Parliament rapporteur on the proposed Data Protection Directive. Member of the EP since June 2011, he previously held the position of Greek Foreign Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister from October 2009.

  • Christian-Wiese-Svanber

    Christian Wiese Svanberg

    Head of Section at the EU Presidency Secretariat of the Danish Ministry of Justice and co-chairs the DAPIX Council Working Group responsible for the data protection reform proposals.

  • Peter J. Hustinx

    Peter J. Hustinx

    European Data Protection Supervisor since January 2004, he was appointed by a joint decision of the European Parliament and the Council of 22 December 2003, and reappointed on 14 January 2009 for a second term of five years.

The European Commission has proposed new rules for protecting personal data. In this context, the 3rd Annual FRA Symposium will focus on the fundamental rights dimension of the proposed data protection reform.

By bringing together key experts and stakeholders, the 2012 Symposium will highlight the importance of the right to have personal data protected, as enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The event builds on the work of the FRA, including the FRA report on the role of National Data Protection Authorities and its opinions on the use of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data.

Around 60 experts from national government agencies and specialised bodies, international and non-governmental organisations, and data protection institutions are expected to attend. Participation is upon invitation only.

Key areas

The 2012 Symposium will focus its discussions on the following elements of the proposed data protection reform:

Video: FRA Expert Niraj Nathwani about the Symposium

Follow up

The proceedings of the 2012 Symposium will be made publicly available on the FRA website.

Symposium report


Download the programme:

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