This Toolkit is released as an online beta version. Teachers are invited to share their experiences in using this Toolkit by emailing one of the project contacts.

Executive Summary: The Toolkit on the Holocaust and Human Rights Education in the EU

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Responding to a practical need expressed by teachers and students with a view toward examining the connections between Holocaust and Human Rights Education, the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and Yad Vashem have developed this Toolkit to provide first insights into Holocaust and Human Rights Education content and methodologies, which can be used for teaching about and from the Holocaust and Human Rights. The Toolkit is a practical guide for teachers and educators who wish to develop teaching projects, by linking Holocaust and human rights. In addition, some examples of teaching projects and learning activities of Holocaust Education and Human Rights Education are provided in the Toolkit.

It is hoped that these projects and examples will encourage other teachers in EU Member States to use this Toolkit as a basis for further discussion about connections between the Holocaust and Human Rights Education.

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The Toolkit is based on the research report “Discover the Past for the Future: The role of historical sites and museums in Holocaust education and human rights education in the EU” which provides an assessment of inclusion of Holocaust and Human Rights Education at original sites and in museums dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. The Toolkit is linked to the Handbook “Excursion to the past – teaching for the future: Handbook for teachers” and to the overview of emerging practice enlists practices at original sites and in museums on Holocaust and Human Rights Education. The Handbook enables teachers how they can best make use of visits to historical sites and museums to teach about the Holocaust and Human Rights.

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It is hoped that this resource developed by the FRA, International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem (ISHS) and teachers based in several EU Member States will be useful to educators with a view to highlight the importance of teaching about the Holocaust combined with Human Rights Education. Convinced of the correlation between preservation of memory and the shaping of a better future, we encourage teachers, as well as the European Commission and EU Member States, to set a clear rationale and goals for Holocaust Education and to define the relevancy of Holocaust Education to human rights within their respective educational systems. Connecting Holocaust and Human Rights Education to EU policy processes of the Key Competences Framework, Lifelong Learning and Europe for Citizens Program is achievable and can potentially strengthen teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights Education in the EU. At the same time, we also wish to relay to educators the need to emphasize the differences and similarities between the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as well as aggregate existing resources regarding Holocaust education and Human Rights Education, carefully examining possible connections. The development of the Toolkit has benefited from peer reviewing process.

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