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The role of the international community in combatting hatred based on religion and belief

On 6 and 7 December, the Agency presented its work and cooperation with NHRIs and civil society organisations at the Rabat+5 Symposium.

Highlights from FRA’s second EU Minorities and Discrimination Survey and those related to Muslim immigrants, as well outcomes of the High Level Expert meeting on religion and human rights were well received. The event looked at the follow up of the Rabat Plan of Action on prohibiting national, racial and religious hatred that incites discrimination, hostility and violence. It was co-organised by OHCHR and the Moroccan government. It gathered representative of states and states religious authorities, religious leaders, international and civil society organisation to take stock of the use of the Rabat Action Plan 5 years after its adoption and the new Beirut Declaration and its ‘Faith for Rights’ commitment. It explored the international communities’ efforts and collaboration in the area of combatting discrimination and hatred on the basis of religion and belief.