29 October 2012

Negotiated Procedure for case study: the cost of exclusion from healthcare


Negotiated procedure
The Agency is looking to contract an expert/ expert consortium/ consultant/ organisation etc. to undertake the above mentioned case study.

Open until :

06 November 2012 17:00
Publication date
29 October 2012

The project will estimate the cost-effectiveness of not delaying treatment until a medical condition becomes an emergency, which will be examined with due consideration of the fundamental rights implications. The project will look at the implications for particularly vulnerable groups who are uninsured, such as third country nationals who are in an irregular situation, EU nationals or regular migrants who may fall outside existing insurance schemes; because they, for instance, moved from one EU Member State to another and are without insurance in the Member State in which they reside.

The aim of the project is to assess whether delaying treatment until a health condition becomes an emergency will result in a more costly intervention in comparison to a timely intervention. This will be done through a cost-comparison model to be populated with data from at least three Member States. Per Member State at least two medical conditions should be included in the model. The results will be presented in a final report, which will also identify common strands and core considerations for application in other Member States.

The tenderer needs to demonstrate how the cost-comparison models will be developed and the cost comparison carried out; and how it intends to access available data necessary to undertake the cost-comparison.

Technical and professional capacity                                                                                         

Tenderers must be able to meet the following minimum selection criteria:

  • University degree
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • 2 years professional experience in health economics or public health, including experience in carrying out costs analyses within the health care sector
  • 2 years professional experience in fundamental rights/human rights, including specialisation in the human right to health


No documents proving the fulfilment of these criteria are requested at this stage

If you are interested to be invited to join this negotiated procedure please send by e-mail (procurement@fra.europa.eu) your contact details by 6 November 2012 (17:00 pm).

Please note that registration of interest to participate in the above-mentioned procedure does not give rise to any legitimate expectations to be invited.