Human rights communicators leadership seminar

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FRA event
The Agency has organised a human rights communicators leadership seminar that will bring together leading European human rights communicators to discuss how best to promote and communicate human rights messages.

It will draw on recommendations from the expert meetings on communicating human rights, Shared space of religion and human rights and on arts and human rights convened by FRA. The event will take place in Vienna from 23 to 24 January.

Practical hands-on examples of best practice in communicating fundamental rights will be shared at the meeting to help formulate a communicating human rights checklist which FRA will draft and publish in first quarter of 2018. FRA is organising this seminar to devise which are the twenty-first century weaponry of effective communication that human rights communicators should use, with the goal to turn theory into practice.

Seminar participants are encouraged to share their views in how a new community of European human rights communication practitioners can best be established to jointly devise how we can better communicate rights in a way that makes people understand the relevance of human rights in their lives. The event is being organised by FRA with support from the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions, (ENNHRI), Equinet, the Council of Europe and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.