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Executive Penal Code (Ustawa z dnia 6 czerwca 1997 r. Kodeks karny wykonawczy)Cells in closed regimes are generally closed throughout the day and night. They may be opened only if it does not threaten the safety of the penitentiary unit. As a result, most of the prisoners held in such a regime spend a vast majority of their days closed. They are allowed to move around the penitentiary unit premises only in an organized way, under supervision of the prison service. Any educational, cultural or sport activities with their participation have to take place in the penitentiary unit, not outside. They are allowed to work outside the unit, but only with full supervision of the prison service. Cells in semi-closed regimes remain open throughout the day. They may be closed only at night. Prisoners are allowed to take part in educational, sport and cultural activities organized outside the unit. Cells in open regimes remain open 24 hours per day. Prisoners have a right to at least one hour of outdoor exercise. Outdoor exercises take place in exercising yards in the open air, under direct supervision of prison service officers.


Year Recommendation Report
2019The offer of activities addressed to inmates is very poor. Inmates of pre-trial detention centres may spend their time in cells and in day centres, they can watch TV, read books from a library, they can play board games and table football. In practice, interviews with inmates during a visit revealed that they spend most of their time in cells and leave them only to take a walk, which is the most attractive form of activity for them. The facilities may organize various interesting meetings, concerts or performances, but such events are only incidental. Report details