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Execution of Penalties and Detention in Custody Act (Закон за изпълнение на наказанията и задържане под стража)Juvenile prisoners serve their sentences in separate penitentiary facilities called ‘reformatories’ (поправителни домове). When a juvenile prisoner turns 18 they must be transferred to a prison or a prison dormitory. Prisoners can remain in the reformatory until they turn 20 years of age if they request so or if they are attending school.


Year Recommendation Report
2017On the day of the NPM visit, there were 34 persons accommodated in the reformatory. There is a steady tendency of reducing the number of convicted juveniles, and in about 5 years the decline is over 50%. At the medical centre there is 1 paramedic practitioner appointed and no supervisor. This means that the CPT's recommendation is not fulfilled and the list of staff positions at the prison does not allow its possible implementation in the future. Kilocalories for the time from 27.02 to 08.05.2017 are in the range of 2,700 to 3,781. The available three meals per day does not comply with Regulation No 37 of 21 July 2009 on the healthy nutrition of students. Fruits are provided once a week. Report details