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Legal instruments & key provisions

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Prison (General) Regulations of 1997 [Οι περί Φυλακών (Γενικοί) Κανονισμοί του 1997]Women detainees are detained in a special ward, which is serviced only by women officers. The Allocation Committee allocates work to women detainees which is suitable to their gender, as far as this is possible. According to the prison authorities, women at pre-trial detention are not held in the same ward as women serving a sentence, although they can meet under supervision in common areas, during sports activities, work, education or events. Women held in the open prison may visit their families without escort for a period of eight hours up to six days, depending on their prison term. Women held at the Centre for Guidance Extra-institutional Occupation and Rehabilitation can work outside the prison and return to the Centre in the afternoon, they can also stay with their families over the weekends.


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