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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Act No. 169/1999 on the Performance of the Punishment of the Deprivation of Liberty (zákon o výkonu trestu odnětí svobody)The national standard set for time per day spent outdoors is one hour per day, both in the case of the exercise of the punishment of deprivation of liberty and in the exercise of custody. Time spent indoors is not defined.
The Rules of Procedure of the Exercise of the Punishment of the Deprivation of Liberty (vyhláška, kterou se vydává řád výkonu trestu odnětí svobody)Prisoners are locked in their cell for the 8-hour period that is reserved for sleep. This period of time can be extended in justifiable cases by the director of the prison, mainly for reasons of security and safety in the prison. Furthermore, all prisoners must follow a special programme of treatment which describes the activities that a prisoner is required to perform, including working activities, and recreational and educational activities.


Year Recommendation Report
2016The Public Defender of Rights recommended that it be stipulated, in a list of examples, the situations in which it is possible to extend the period of time for locking prisoners in their cells/bedrooms, in which case the lengthening of the period of time in which they are locked in their cells must be supported by an individual risk assessment and the security reasons must be demonstratively presented for each prisoner, no later than 30 June 2016. Report details