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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Criminal Enforcement Act No. 1491 of 13 December 2017 (Straffuldbyrdelsesloven nr. 1491 af 13. December 2017)Outdoors: prisoners in both prison and detention facilities have outdoor access minimum one hour a day. Indoors: inmates in most prisons and detention facilities have wide access to common areas and to association with other prisoners. In closed facilities inmates may be locked in their cells for a maximum of 12 hours between 20h00 and 09h00 or engaged in other activities such as work, education or other recreational activities.


Year Recommendation Report
2017The NPM visited the closed prison facility ‘Sønder Omme Fængsel’ and recommended that management should be mindful that prisoners who are excluded from association are still able to participate in work, education or other recreational activities. Report details
2018The NPM visited ‘Esbjerg Arrest’ (remand centre in Esbjerg) on 17 April 2018. Among other things the NPM recommended that, ‘It is ensured that it becomes possible for the inmates to have private telephone conversations without it being overheard by other inmates.’,'