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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Order n°45-174 relating to juvenile crime (Ordonnance n°45-174 relative à l’enfance délinquante)Juvenile detainees are separated from adults. With regard to pre-trial detention, the minor is detained in a special section of the detention facility or in a specialised detention centre for juveniles. The same applies for carrying out of the sentence.
Standard rules of procedure for detention establishments (Code de procédure pénale)In addition, female juvenile detainees are separated from male juvenile detainees and are housed in a specific unit under the supervision of female wardens, this does not prevent the possible organization of joint activities involving juveniles of both sexes.


Year Recommendation Report
2016The NPM recommended that the particular situation of female juveniles must be given specific attention and they should receive equal treatment to that of boys. In this respect, the imprisonment of female juveniles in an area for women is against the law. They must be able to benefit from care within establishments adapted to juveniles. Female juveniles held in detention establishments other than correctional juvenile facilities should be (as far as is possible and according to the institution's organisation) detained in 'juvenile' areas in the same way as male juveniles. Accommodation is subjected to the principle of non-mixing. Report details
2020The NPM report recommends that children must always have an educational objective. Detention must be adapted to their needs and accompanied by specially trained staff and that accommodation for minors deprived should be individual. Report details