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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Prison Sentence Execution Act (Zakon o izvrŇ°avanjukaznezatvora)National standard set for time spent by prisoners outdoors within the prison is a minimum of two hours a day. Prisons have to provide room and equipment for meaningful use of free time and organize various kinds of activities in order to meet physical, spiritual and cultural needs of prisoners. Prisoners should be provided with the possibility to spend their free time in workshops organized for painting, technical activities, music, literature, theatre, journalism, computers, debate clubs, exercising etc.


Year Recommendation Report
2018To the Ministry of Justice, to adapt accommodation conditions in all penal institutions to comply with legal and international standards. Report details
2019Article 18.9. and 101 of the European prison rules, stipulate that prisoners in pre-trial detention may be allowed to participate in organized activities together with other prisoners, however, the common rule is that those two categories of prisoners are separated during night. Therefore, prisons should be guided by the mentioned rules and in situations, in which segregated activities cannot be organized, should allow pre-trial detainees to participate along with other prisoners. Report details