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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Detention Decree (16/2014. (XII. 19.) IM rendelet a szabadságvesztés, az elzárás, az előzetes letartóztatás és a rendbírság helyébe lépő elzárás végrehajtásának részletes szabályairól)Each cell should have a sink with running water and a separated toilet. Showers are located outside the cell/quarter. Prisoners have the right to use showers at least three times a week, for women prisoners and prisoners who work in the institution, every day. The showers have to provide hot water for all prisoners.


Year Recommendation Report
2016The NPM found that police detention facilities often disregard the rules on providing separate toilets in the cells, and the commonly used sanitary units are ‘plagued with leaks, dirt and mould. Report details
2018 Report details
2018 Report details
2019 Report details
2020 Report details