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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Penitentiary Code (2013. évi CCXL. törvény a büntetések, az intézkedések, egyes kényszerintézkedések és a szabálysértési elzárás végrehajtásáról)All prisoners in jails, correctional and penitentiary institutions are granted the right to spend at least an hour outside of their cells in fresh air every day. The law, however, does not regulate time spent in common areas inside the institution, and it also does not regulate time spent in cells.
Detention Decree (16/2014. (XII. 19.) IM rendelet a szabadságvesztés, az elzárás, az előzetes letartóztatás és a rendbírság helyébe lépő elzárás végrehajtásának részletes szabályairól)It provides mainly declarative rules on educational and recreational activities. The detention facilities have to promote education for all prisoners in order to assist their future reintegration into society upon release. Also the detention facilities promote sports and cultural activities and self-learning in the institution.


Year Recommendation Report
2016The NPM found open-air sports activities outdated and without renovation in several detention facilities, while the NPM stresses the importance of recreational and sports activities in fighting against deprivation in detention. Report details
2018I request the commander of the penitentiary institution to involve the largest possible number of detainees in education, especially those who are illiterate, to take steps to organise more leisure activities, to make sure that detainees are duly informed about the leisure activities. Report details
2019to guarantee the detainees’ right to spend at least one hour per day in fresh air, especially in the case of persons living with motor disability. Report details
2019I request the head of the Nógrád County Police Department to take steps to create a courtyard in the police jail to guarantee the detainees’ right to spend one hour per day in fresh air. I request the head of the Salgótarján Police Unit to make sure that the officers of the police jail guarantee the detainees’ right to spend one hour per day in fresh air. Report details