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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Penitentiary Code (2013. évi CCXL. törvény a büntetések, az intézkedések, egyes kényszerintézkedések és a szabálysértési elzárás végrehajtásáról)Detainees are entitled to be provided with food free of charge. Their meals should be determined on the basis of their health, their age and their physical activities. Detainees shall be provided with food at least three times a day and they must receive a warm meal at least once a day. In case of any extraordinary event, detainees can be provided only with cold meals for a maximum of 3 days.


Year Recommendation Report
2018The NPM report requested the government to examine the possibility of reg+F136ulating the standards of nutrition and nutrition services in penitentiary institutions. In some specific institutions, it is was also requested that detainees receive vegetables, fruit, and milk regularly and that carbohydrates are provided even in special diet meals. Report details
2018The NPM requests the director of the juvenile correctional facility to comply with the provisions of the Minister of Human Capacities Decree 37/2014. (IV. 30.) applicable to nutrition regarding the frequency of providing meat. Report details
2019The NPM report requests that the commander of the penitentiary institution guarantees that detainees receive vegetables and fruit in adequate quantity and to make available consultation with a dietician to detainees. Report details