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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Code of Execution of Sentences (Bausmių vykdymo kodeksas)Convicted detainees may be placed in solitary confinement, i.e. isolated from other detainees, for up to 48 hours when there is a threat to a detainee’s health or life, also when a detainee is committing gross violations which cannot be prevented by other means and the detainee must be isolated. This is a preventive and protective, rather than a disciplinary measure. It cannot be extended beyond a maximum of 48 hours. Convicted detainees may also be temporarily moved from dormitory to cell-type premises as disciplinary action for systemic or gross violations of the detention institution’s regime. Adults may be moved to the cell-type premises for up to 30 days, and children for up to 5 days.


Year Recommendation Report
2019To the Director of the Prison Department: to implement measures to ensure that convicted detainees serving their sentences in isolated detention are provided with preventive and interventional meetings with the institutions’ psychologists, involve them in joint activities with convicted detainees from the same regime, and to provide them with opportunities for social contacts with other persons. Report details