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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Code of Execution of Sentences (Bausmių vykdymo kodeksas)Access to medical services is one of a detainee’s general rights under national law. This includes primary and specialised healthcare services. Primary healthcare services must be accessible in the detention institution in which the detainee is held. In the unit primary personal health care is provided by a family doctor or a team of primary personal health care professionals (internal medicine doctor, pediatrician, obstetrician gynecologist, surgeon).


Year Recommendation Report
2015Personnel is lacking in the facilities of detention. After 9 pm there are no specialists of health in the detention facility. Recommendations are to seek to improve this situation, ensure that there is enough health care personnel and that proper services are provided. Persons who were transferred to the isolation cells were not checked for their health condition. The recommendation is that the person in islolation should be checked daily for his/her health condition. Report details
2017The NPM recommends that persons detained should be checked for health in 24 hours after the moment of detention. Report details
2018Recommendations: - To the Director of the Prison Department: to consider ensuring the need for nursing services (medical examinations, proper medicine dispensing, administering, monitoring of effects, and documentation of consumption) in Lukiškės Remand Prison at night (for example, by concluding a service purchase agreement with a health care institution and allocating the necessary funding). To ensure training of health care workers in detention institutions on how to identify potential ill-treatment of detainees by officers, how to interview a person who may have been ill-treated, and how to record a medical examination, the statements of the examinee relevant to the medical examination and the conclusion on how much the person's statements correspond to the examination results. - To the Director of Lukiškės Remand Prison: to ensure that there are 5 employees in the psychological service, and that during a long-term leave (childcare leave), that services are provided by a substitute psychologist. Report details