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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Rules on the implementation of remand (Pravilnik o izvrševanju pripora)Prisoners are to be allowed at least two hours of outdoors recreation daily. Outdoors activities may be suspended if the interests of maintaining order and discipline or preventing escape so require. Sport activities may be arranged during prisoner’s outdoors activities by the administration of the facility.
The Enforcement of criminal sanctions act (Zakon o izvrševanju kazenskih sankcij)Convicts must be allowed to stay outdoors for at least two hours every day. The convicted juvenile should be allowed to be outdoors for at least three hours a day, usually in his/her spare time.


Year Recommendation Report
2017During our visit to Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison, the NPM noticed that the bench press was damaged and proposed that it be repaired, while we also proposed examining the possibilities of equipping the fitness room for detainees with additional devices (e. g. multi-purpose device similar to the one used in the convict unit). To Ljubljana Prison it was recommended that expert workers at the prison invest more effort in including prisoners (convicts and detainees) in formal and informal forms of education, particularly if the prison succeeds in obtaining EU funds for this purpose. The NPM expressed the expectation in Rogoza Open Unit of Maribor Prison that the number of convicts participating in the educational programmes of national vocational qualifications that have been introduced would increase due to the work of the unit’s staff. It was recommended to Maribor Prison that detainees be outside their cells at least eight hours a day and attend various useful activities, such as work, education, sports and other organised activities, which would be suitable particularly because of the cramped conditions in the detention section of the prison. Further, the NPM proposed that Murska Sobota Unit of Maribor Prison examine the possibilities of arranging a fitness room or additionally equip the ‘fitness area under the overhanging roof’, whereby we also recommended that detainees be outside their cells at least eight hours a day and take part in various useful activities, such as work, education, sports or other suitable activities. In the Nova Gorica Unit of Koper Prison detainees should be able to exercise more or move more in the recreation area during the weekend. Report details
2018We again recommended to the Ministry of Interior that the recreation yard be equipped with an ashtray, namely in accordance with the first indent of the second paragraph of Article 23 of the Rules on standards for the construction and equipment of police premises used for detention. We expressed the expectation that the institution will be able to arrange or start carrying out group activities or creative workshops aimed at persons in remand. We recommended that in Maribor Prison everything necessary be arranged again or as soon as possible in order to start the implementation of the programme(s) of national vocational qualification (NVQ). Report details