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Legal instruments & key provisions

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Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Act (Zakon o izvrševanju kazenskih sankcij)Solitary confinement is a form of disciplinary sanction for convicted prisoners. No solitary confinement in this sense is applicable to prisoners in remand detention. However, remand prisoners may be placed in a separate cell if two conditions are met: (i) upon recapture after escape or after being caught during preparations or attempt to escape, (ii) if the prisoner has resisted violently or has otherwise endangered himself or the persons in his vicinity. Prisoner may be handcuffed, if necessary to prevent substantial material damage or danger to others.
Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Act (Zakon o izvrševanju kazenskih sankcij)These rules are limiting the time spent to 12 hrs, subject to further extension by periods of 12 hrs, not exceeding a maximum of 72 hrs at a time, if reasons persist, requiring constant supervision, and requiring notification of the medical staff.


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