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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Health Care and Health Insurance Act (Zakon o zdravstvenem varstvu in zdravstvenem zavarovanju)Prisoners are subject to mandatory healthcare insurance, including work-related illness and injury. Insurance premium and the coverage of health service costs is provided by the state budget.
Rules on the implementation of remand (Pravilnik o izvrševanju pripora)Medical examination is mandatory within 48 hrs after the reception and prior to leaving detention facility. Medical examination must be carried out immediately, if there are reasonable grounds that prisoner is suffering from bodily injury, contagious disease or other serious illness.


Year Recommendation Report
2017The NPM proposed that Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison consider the concern and recommendation of the medical expert to ensure the presence of medical staff during all distributions of medication, which would ensure greater safety of distribution in the prison. The permanent presence of medical staff would guarantee ongoing health care also for persons who need such care for medical reasons, and it would fill the gap when providing health care in the absence of an infirmary. When visiting Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison, the NPM suggested the consideration of the medical expert’s recommendation to draft written instructions on the distribution and crushing of medications with the list of medications which should not be crushed and medications which if crushed could affect the release of active compounds from the preparation (e. g. medications with extended release, capsules) and medications which must not be crushed (e. g. medications with encapsulated liquid) for judicial police officers or ensure the presence of medical staff when distributing medication). Furthermore, it was proposed that Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison examine the medical expert’s recommendation to renovate premises intended for medical activities within the architectural possibilities in accordance with rules. The NPM recommended that Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison consider the medical expert’s recommendation that it would be sensible to arrange (if this is not arranged in another way) after the assessment of medical staff the provision of medication, which the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia or another insurance company that provides additional insurance does not pay for in full and for which an additional payment is necessary. Finally, it was proposed that Celje Prison and Juvenile Prison consider the medical expert’s recommendation referring to the priority treatment of persons deprived of liberty when providing specialist health services regarding the limited possibility of selecting health care providers – if medication is prescribed by different persons, a system should be provided which would reduce the possibility of errors occurring. Report details
2018We recommended that the remarks of detainees regarding the short presence of a psychiatrist in the ward be examined or that the necessary measures be taken to ensure that all detainees are adequately psychiatrically treated during their placement in the ward. We recommended that the management of the institution examine the complaints of convicts that they have been waiting a long time for an appointment with a psychiatrist and report their findings. At the same time, we also recommended that in the event that convicts wait a longer period for a psychiatric examination, a conversation with a psychiatrist be held and, if necessary, the necessary measures be taken to prevent this from happening again. Report details