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Legal instruments & key provisions

Legal instrument Key provision
Criminal Procedure Act (Zakon o kazenskem postopku)Physical attacks, insulting or indecent behaviour of prisoners are disciplinary violations and may be sanctioned by prohibition or restriction of prisoner’s correspondence. If prisoner’s conduct amounts to a criminal offence, criminal prosecution will be instituted. Prisoners may make use of supervisory and complaint mechanisms. Complaints may be filed with president of competent district court, the human rights ombudsman, diplomatic or consular staff or the Director General of the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.
Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Act (Zakon o izvrševanju kazenskih sankcij)Video surveillance system may be installed in detention facilities and used for security and protection of detainees and employees. No video surveillance is allowed in changing cabins, elevators, sanitary facilities, cells or bedrooms, with the exception of solitary confinement cell for prevention of self-injury or suicide.


Year Recommendation Report
2018We recommended that the Prison Administration also provide assistance and support to the institution with an appropriate personnel policy, or adopt the necessary measures so that judicial police officers can participate in training and education related to their work, as only in this way will they be able to perform their work successfully and legally. We have recommended that appropriate disciplinary proceedings be initiated in cases of major disciplinary violations. At the same time, based on the number of conflicts between detainees and the fact that no disciplinary proceedings were conducted, we asked for a notice on how the convicts' violations were dealt with and what measures were taken in this regard. Report details