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Czechia National Ombudsman 2014 Czech Republic / National Ombudsman / Report from investigation of the National Ombudsman office / 173/2013/DIS/EN Religion Muslims The Ombudsman declared that rules prohibiting the wearing of any type of headwear at a medical nursing school constitutes indirect discrimination based on religion, since wearing a headscarf is an expression of the Islamic religion. Two asylum seekers studying there decided to leave the school after the director - who originally agreed on a compromise - asked them to take off their headscarves. View more
Czechia Supreme Administrative Court 2016 Czech Republic / Supreme Administrative Court / 11 Kss 6/2015 - 53 / Decision of the Disciplinary Chamber Religion Migrants, Muslims A judge was officially reprimanded by the Disciplinary Chamber for publishing several sarcastic and offensive articles on the migration crisis and about migrants, Muslims and humanitarian workers. View more
Czechia Supreme Court 2019 Czech Republic / Regional Court Religion Muslims The case concerns both online and offline incitement to hatred and violence against an ethnic and religious group (Jews and Muslims). The defendant for a long period of time publicly published, spoke, and wrote speeches and comments that delibrately expressed and promoted a negative view of immigrants, predominantly those of Muslim faith, coming from areas mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, precisely because of their Muslim faith, but also because of their diversity as an ethnic group. View more
Czechia District Court (Jindřichův Hradec) 2019 Czech Republic / Regional Court Religion Muslims The defendant was found guilty of inciting hatred and violence against an ethnic group, which he committed with a comment calling on members of the Czech nation to awaken their Hussite blood and expel 'fucking Muslim maladapted monkeys', 'stinking pakazi', or 'slizouns' [sleazebags] from the Czech Republic, which he concluded with the words (cit. ): '"OUR COUNTRY, OUR HABITS, OUR GIRLS AND BEER!! WE WILL NOT LEAVE THEM ANY OF IT!!'. View more
Czechia District Court Chomutov 2019 Czech Republic / Regional Court Religion Muslims The defendant was found guilty of defamation of a nation, race, ethnic or other groups of people, which she committed by publishing the following comment: 'I keep saying this, this race of animals does not belong in Europe'. View more
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