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Greece Greek Ombudsman - Ombudsperson 2022 Greek Ombudsman, Summary of Intervention, The ban on the use of headscarves during nursing internships in clinics of public hospitals does not constitute discrimination based on religious beliefs, July 2022. Religion Muslims The case concerned the complaint of a trainee Muslim trainee nurse, who was banned from wearing a headscarf during her traineeship at a pubic hospital. The Ombudsman examined whether a head-scarf ban during nursing internships at public hospital clinics constituted discrimination based on religion and religious beliefs. After communicating with the Hospital authority and the competent department of the Ministry of Health, the Ombudsman found that there was no discrimination and that the ban was… View more
Greece Greek Council of State - National Higher Court 2021 Greek Council of State, Decision No. 1679/2021 (Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας, Απόφαση 1679/2021), Nomos Subscriber's Database. Race/Ethnicity persons of african origin The plaintiffs, broadcasting company and its owner, filed an application before the Greek Council of State, seeking to abolish sanctions imposed by the National Radio-television Council (ESR). The Council imposed sanctions (pecuniary and a broadcasting ban) for allowing and broadcasting hate speech on one of it's talk shows. The hate speech concerned derogatory remarks against an athlete of African origin during a talk show, perpetrated by one of the guests. The Council of State rejected… View more
Greece Mixed-Jury Appeals Court of Athens (Μικτό Ορκωτό Εφετείο Αθηνών) 2019 Greece / Mixed-Jury Appeals Court of Athens/Decision on the Appeal against Decision No. 398/2014 of the Mixed-Jury Court of Athens/Luqman Case Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Race/Ethnicity Migrants, Muslims The Decision of the Appeals Court upheld on a unanimous vote the verdict of the first instance court. The Mixed Jury Court of Athens convicted two men with alleged ties to the Golden Dawn party for murdering a 27 year-old worker from Pakistan on his way to work. The case was introduced to the courts as a ‘quarrel gone wrong’ however the Judgment of the Court was the first to examine the elements capable of establishing a racist motivation such as the circumstances of the attack, the… View more
Greece Greek Council of State 2019 Greece / Council of State/Decisions Nos. 1759-1760/2019 of the Plenary Religion Other religious groups Through Decisions nos. 1759-1760 / 2019 the Plenary of the Council of State repealed Nos. 92091 / D2 / 5.6.2018 (B '2087) and 92094 / D2 / 5.6.2018 (B' 2089) Decisions of the Minister of Education, insofar as they provided for students' religion to be included on high school diplomas, transcripts and certificates. The mandatory or optional inclusion of religion in the documents was considered to constitute a violation of Article 13 of the Hellenic Constitution (religious freedom… View more
Greece Ombudsman 2019 Greece / Greek Ombudsman/case 264690 Religion Muslims The head of a nursing unit at a public hospital refused to permit a student of the Muslim faith to carry out her internship at the hospital while wearing a veil. The Ombudsman requested that the hospital’s administration set out a specific and full justification, in compliance with the relevant provisions of Law 4443/2016 on the grounds for that decision. The hospital cited this was done on the grounds of public health, since the student’s practical exercise would be carried out in the internal… View more
Greece Greek Council of Radio television - ESR (Ελληνικό Συμβούλιο Ραδιοτηλεόρασης - ΕΣΡ) 2018 Greece / Greek Council of Radio television/Decision No. 155/2018 Race/Ethnicity, Race/Ethnicity Black people or of African origin The case concerns hate speech during a sports broadcasting. The host referred to a famous basket ball player with the derogatory terms 'negro' and 'ape'. The case was brought before the ESR by the General Secretariat of Human Rights (Ministry of Justice) and three citizens. The respondent broadcasting company was considered liable for the host's behaviour and forced to pay administrative fines and shut down their channel for 24 hours. View more
Greece European Court of Human Rights 2017 Greece / ECtHR/Application
no. 17249/10/Gjikondi and Others v. Greece
Race/Ethnicity Migrants The case concerned the murder of an Albanian national, L. B., by an unidentified individual in central Athens. The applicants are the deceased’s parents and sister. The Court found in particular that the competent authorities had not dealt with the case with the necessary diligence, and that the question of the existence of a racist motive had not been examined. View more
Greece Court of Appeal 2016 Greece / Piraeus five-member Court of Appeal / Decision no. / Walid Taleb case Race/Ethnicity, Migrant status Migrants The Court of Appeal of Piraeus upheld the first-degree judgment convicting Walid Talib’s former boss, and two of his friends for his abduction, inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, and robbery. Walid was an Egyptian national without legal documents who was attacked in November 2012 and subsequently, robbed, tortured and assaulted. The text of the Judgement has not been published, yet during the examination of the case, the prosecutor confirmed that the acts were carried out due to… View more
Greece Misdemeanour Court of Rethymno 2016 Greece / Single Member Misdemeanour Court of Rethymno / Decision 2383/2015 Nationality EU citizens & nationals with migrant background The Misdemeanour Court of Rethymnon acquitted Professor Richter and put an end to his prosecution for denying, undermining and approving the war crimes committed by Germans in Crete during the Nazi occupation in his book “The Battle of Crete”. This was the first case to examine hate speech in light of the Council Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA, of 28 November, on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law. View more
Greece Misdemeanour Court of Thessaloniki 2015 Greece / Three-member Misdemeanour Court of Thessaloniki / Decision on Appeal / Public Bus Driver case Race/Ethnicity, Race/Ethnicity Black people or of African origin The three-member Misdemeanour Court of Thessaloniki sentenced, following an appeal, a driver of OASTH (Organisation of Public Transport in Thessaloniki) to eight months' imprisonment, a suspension for three years and a fine of 1000 euros for discriminatory behaviour and denying services to two black passengers on a bus. This was the first case where a violation of anti-discrimination law was prosecuted on the initiative of the prosecutor, i.e. without a victim needing to press charges… View more
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