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Hungary County Court of Miskolc (Miskolci Törvényszék) 2013 Hungary / County Court of Miskolc / Decision no. B.1725/2012/14 Religion Muslims The defendant informed the authorities anonymously over the phone that bombs had been placed somewhere in town by his 'Muslim brothers', and that these Muslims would detonate the bombs unless the authorities released certain people from prison. The authorities soon realised that it was an empty threat, and that the defendant used the cover of the alleged 'Muslim brothers' as a decoy. View more
Hungary General Attorney's Office (Legfőbb Ügyészség) 2015 Hungary / General Attorney's Office /Decision Nationality Migrants On 21 July 2015, during the peak of the migration crisis in Hungary, a Facebook user posted the following: 'Who would like to be involved in some hunting? If you are in the mood, drop me a message!'. The comments related to the post - coming from men and women users of Facebook - suggested the preparation of an attempted hate crime targeting refugees and asylum seekers at the southern borders of Hungary. The Civil Liberties Union (Társaság a Szabadságjogokért) reported the conspiracy… View more
Hungary County Court of Kecskemét (Kecskeméti Törvényszék) 2015 Hungary / County Court of Kecskemét / Decision no. 5.B.154/2013/58 Nationality Refugees & asylum seekers The defendant was a guard at the Alien-Police Detention Facility of Bács-Kiskun County. Thirty-eight asylum seekers were detained in the facility as of 7 October 2011. In the morning, the detained people started a riot, and rejected the orders of the guards, attempted to escape, and damaged furniture in their cells. Four detainees (Sudanese and Libian nationals) were locked into solitary cells after the riot was over. During that night, the defendant (the guard) beat the four detainees, forced… View more
Hungary District Court of Bicske (Bicskei Járásbíróság) 2016 Hungary / District Court of Bicske / Decision no. B.162/2014/49 Race Migrants An African refugee accommodated in the Bicske Open Refugee Camp was waiting at the train station to catch a train to Budapest in the evening hours. Two Hungarian men approached the victim, and severely injured him while they yelled at him: 'Black man go back to Africa, here it is Hungary, it's not Africa'. The victim started to run back to the refugee camp, while the perpetrators started to chase him, and kicked him and hit him with a stick. The perpetrators then placed the… View more
Hungary District Court of Szeged (Szegedi Járásbíróság) 2017 Hungary / District Court of Szeged Nationality Refugees & asylum seekers On 8 September 2015, the camerawoman of an alt-right TV channel was filming at the collection point at Röszke close to the Hungarian-Serbian border where the Police apprehended irregular migrants arriving from Serbia. Some 400 asylum seekers broke out of the collection point and started to run toward the corn fields. The camerawoman was standing in their way. When the asylum seekers started to run towards her, she kicked an adult man and a little girl in the knee, and she did not stop filming… View more
Hungary Constitutional Court (Alkotmánybíróság) 2017 Hungary / Constitutional Court / Decision no. 7/2017 Religion Muslims The Local Government of Ásotthalom, a town at the Serbian-Hungarian borders, adopted Local Governmental Decree no. 12/2014. on 23 November 2016 on the 'General rules of community coexistence'. The decree contained a prohibition on Islamic call to prayer activities, and wearing Muslim headscarves, chador, niqab, or burkini in the town of Ásotthalom. The decree also included a ban on the construction of any mosques and minarets in the town. View more
Hungary Curia 2017 Hungary / Curia/Bfv.I.1.722/2016. Race Refugees & asylum seekers An asylum-seeker from Ivory Coast was walking to the train station when the perpetrators, two hungarians, shouted at him „Black man, go back to Africa! This is Hungary, not Africa!” and started to beat him. The victim ran away and grabbed a slat of wood for his defence. The perpetrators found him, took the slat of wood away and hit him with it until he lost consciousness. They placed the victim on the railway for a while but later put him back at the station. The first instance court found the… View more
Hungary Szeged Court of Appeals 2018 Hungary /Szeged court of Appeals/ Bf.324/2018/18 Migrant status Refugees & asylum seekers In 2015, a group of migrants were stopped by the newly built border fence between Serbia and Hungary. Ahmed H., the defendant was the one who spoke to the police and the migrants in a microphone. First, he called the police to let them cross, asked the crowd to calm down but as the police did not open the gates, the crowd became more and more violent and began throwing objects at the police who started to use tear gas and a water cannon as a response. The defendant threw stones towards the… View more
Hungary Constitutional Court of Hungary 2019 Hungary / Constitutional Court/IV/1565/2018. Migrant status Refugees & asylum seekers Amnesty International Hungary filed a constitutional complaint against the Stop Soros act, claiming that the law is vague, is not proportional, is against the freedom of speech and the right of association. The Hungarian Government adopted the “Stop Soros” legislative package in 2018. The Criminal Code was amended by a provision on facilitating illegal migration (353/A. §), which defines supporting illegal migration as any organisational activity to initiate asylum procedure for anyone who was… View more
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