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Latvia Tukums District Court (Tukuma rajona tiesa) 2017 Latvia / Tukums District Court / Case No. 11390001416 Nationality Migrants The defendant posted public calls to violence and threats towards migrants on his Facebook profile. Initially, the defendant called to violence against migrants at a specific address in town. Later he engaged in discussions with other social network users by posting two more comments containing threats and an indication of being prepared to use violence against migrants. The defendant was accused of incitement to hatred against a specific social group - migrants under Article 150 (3) of the… View more
Latvia Riga District Court (Rīgas rajona tiesa) 2016 Latvia / Riga District Court / Case No. 11840000316 Religion Muslims The defendant published a comment on the internet in response to an article about a Latvian woman who converted to Islam. The comment contained insults and aggressive language towards Muslim women living in Latvia. The defendant was accused of incitement to religious hatred under Section 78 (2) of the Criminal Law. View more
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